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Members of the Colonial Education Association,

As each year passes it appears that there is a renewed commitment to promoting a collaborative environment inclusive of the Colonial Education Association. As long as I can remember, this has been the position taken by our Association leadership.  Together, we can continue to move our schools and the District in positive directions.

This takes the energy and effort of all of our membership.  There are numerous ways to positively impact our Association and therefore our working environment.  Some of these endeavors take a relatively significant amount of time, but others do not, while each still remains important to the overall mission.  If you are reading this message at the PSEA provided CEA webpage, you have already taken a step in this process.  If you have made the decision to register at you can receive valuable information through email.  Here are some additional suggestions to increase awareness and involvement:

  • Read your contract
  • Read the Teacher Performance Appraisal document
  • Direct questions to your Building Representatives
  • Attend your building CEA meetings
  • Join your ABC building committee
  • Attend CEA Executive Council meetings
  • Become a Building Representative
  • Take on a CEA committee position
  • Write an Advocate article
  • Attend CEA and PSEA leadership training sessions and/or conferences
  • Become a Delegate to the Region and State House
  • Attend CEA events
  • Attend School Board meetings
  • Become an officer


Your President,

Bob Slagle