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 NameRoleEmailTelephoneTelephone 2
A. Bob SlagleCEA President x 1300 
B. Beth MillerCEA 1st VP x 7141 
C. Jill ForsterCEA 2nd VP   
D. Frank WhiteheadCEA Treasurer x 3104 
E. Shana GenkinCEA Secretary x 3415 

 Committee Chairs Minimize
 NameRoleEmailTelephoneTelephone 2
Chad MurrayMembership & Labor Trustee for Montgomery and Bucks County Schools Healthcare Consortium   
Erin SeckerIPD   
Jen CreaPublic Relations   
Jesse GluckmanLegislative/PACE   
Kirsten YoungSocial x 3108 
Nina PratowskiAEW/RAA   
Stephanie BrennanElementary Concerns   
Tonia KaufmanExtra Pay & Advocate   

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 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
1.16 - UpdateTONIA KAUFMAN 2/21/201627.01 KBDownload
11.15 - UpdateTONIA KAUFMAN 2/21/201627.01 KBDownload
12.15 - UpdateTONIA KAUFMAN 2/21/201627.01 KBDownload
2.16 - BCMS New Vendor FAQTONIA KAUFMAN 2/21/201627.01 KBDownload

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 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Advocate - Oct 2015TONIA KAUFMAN 2/21/201627.01 KBDownload
Advocate Feb. 2014TONIA KAUFMAN 6/18/2014403.46 KBDownload
Advocate Jan. 2013TONIA KAUFMAN 8/5/2013448.23 KBDownload
Advocate Jan. 2015TONIA KAUFMAN 1/17/201527.01 KBDownload
Advocate May 2013TONIA KAUFMAN 8/5/2013587.17 KBDownload
Advocate May 2015TONIA KAUFMAN 5/18/2015459.46 KBDownload
Advocate Nov. 2012TONIA KAUFMAN 1/13/2013920.45 KBDownload
Advocate Nov. 2013TONIA KAUFMAN 2/15/201427.01 KBDownload
Advocate Oct 2014TONIA KAUFMAN 5/18/201527.01 KBDownload
Advocate September 2011KEVIN WILLSON 9/13/2011167.77 KBDownload

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It is the mission of the Colonial Education Association to advance quality public education for all our students by negotiating fair and effective collective bargaining agreements while fostering both the dignity and worth of our members and protecting their rights as educators.


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Contact Information

PW Reps

Glen Hackett


Maria DeLuca


Dan Dougherty


TJ Wilson


Brian Weiner


CMS Building Reps

Bob Guzik


Erin Dooley


Suzanne Slattery


Dan Bennett


CES Building Reps

Dave Caruso


Donelle Brotz


Dana Coia


CE Building Reps

Nina Pratowski


Lisa Watkins


RP Building Reps

Laura Yeakel


Kathy Farrington


RP Alternate

Brian Adams


PE Reps

Jess DiRenzo


Randi Gaier


WE Reps

Stephanie Brennan

Randi Ostrum